Trademarking Your Business

International Trademark

There is no such thing as a worldwide trademark

There is no such thing as an INTERNATIONAL trademark for brand protection.  Trademark protection is on a country by country basis.

To protect your brand overseas, you will need a worldwide trademark to identify which country you would conduct business within and seek protection there. If you try to protect in every country in the world, you could go broke doing it and it’s not worthwhile. Only choose the countries that will bring in the most revenue for your company.


For international trademarks, there are no set rules and streamlined processes, as each country has its own way of processing a trademark or design mark. The time frame to obtain a trademark is much longer in some countries compared to Australia and New Zealand. For example in India and Malaysia, it could take up to 24 months to obtain a trademark, whereas in Canada and the US, it may take up to 15 months.


If you have interest in protecting your trademark outside of Australia, please contact us for a quote. You could manage your worldwide trademark applications from Australia via our network of agents overseas.

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